June 21, 2010

Self-tanning tips from Sarah the zebra girl

I am white. Let me clarify - I am pasty white. In the summer I go from pale to red, to peeling, to pale again.  So I decided to buy some sunless tanner to help add some color to my arms and legs. So, on the morning of my birthday I decided I wanted to look my best. After my shower I applied a micro-mist sunless tanner. I thought I did a great job . . . that is until the color finally darkened four hours later. That is when I transformed into Sarah, the zebra girl.

Word of advice: Even if the packaging clearly reads "no need to rub," you should probably rub it in anyways. I have streaks all over my legs and arms. It's bad. I know zebras stripes help camouflage the animals from predators. I wonder if zebra stripes on my legs help to camouflage cellulite. 

Lesson learned. Hopefully this color will fade before the wedding I'm attending this weekend.


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  1. oh boy, I can sympathize....why do we choose to try new things on special occasions? Hahaha. I decided when I was a teenager to put blonde highlights in my hair (which is brown) a week before I was in my best friend's wedding....I bought the one in a box of course, attempting to do it myself...and it turned my hair orange! I had to make an emergency appointment at a local hairdresser and she made it less terrible but it still didn't look quite right.


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