June 29, 2010

"The Heart Mender" by Andy Andrews * Review

The Heart Mender: A Story of Second ChancesSettled along the gulf coast of Alabama, Helen struggled with the bitterness of losing her husband until an unexpected stranger challenges her to forgive and let go of her painful past.

Set in the South during World War II, the story is filled with multiple twists and turns that leave the reader anxious to discover what happens next. The story begins when Andrews discovers an old can buried in his yard. The can's curious contents leads the author to discover the mystery behind the man who once possessed these things.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The mystery and suspense made it hard to put the book down. I enjoyed Andrew's writing style and the way he wove this "true" story together. I usually pride myself on being able to figure out these types of stories, but I can honestly say that it didn't end precisely the way I expected it to.

I have seen several of Andy Andrew's books, and knew that his work has been featured on the New York Times Best Seller list, but I never had an opportunity to read his work until recently. I look forward to checking out more of Andy Andrew's books in the future.


I received a complimentary copy of the book to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own. I was not required to give a positive review of the book.

A Good Split - Help fight cancer & win a sweet prize from Electrolux

If only making a banana split could help cure cancer . . . oh wait, the folks at Electrolux must have been eavesdropping on my dreams, because they have pledged to donate $1 to help fight ovarian cancer for every virtual banana split that people make at www.kelly-confidential.com/.  (From 6/29/10 - 9/7/10, Electrolux will donate $1 to OCRF for each banana split made, with a minimum of $35K and a maximum of $40K)

While you are there you can even check out some ultimate split recipes from Stephen Bruce, famed owner of New York's Serendipity 3. The pictures of these ice cream marvels made my mouth water.

To sweeten this deal even more, when you make a virtual split you will be entered to win a daily $50 prize to stock your freezer with goodies, and a shot at the prize of all prizes - a brand new split freezer and refrigerator from Electrolux. I think this is such a great idea! Currently my freezer is overflowing . . .literally - you open the door and everything falls out. I could definitely use more freezer space while still not compromising my much needed refrigerator room!

Stop by today! It's not everyday making ice cream helps fight cancer!


By sharing this post as part of the MomSelect campaign, I am entered for a chance to win a split freezer and refrigerator from Electolux.

A picture is worth a thousand words . .. but is it worth a thousand dollars?

I've been saving up my birthday money, my Pampered Chef earnings, and my coupon money to put toward a Digital SLR camera. I finally have enough to buy the camera of my dreams . . .the only problem is I'm not sure which camera that is.

I've had my eye on a couple. The Nikon D5000 and the Canon Digital Rebel. I'm primarily planning on using the camera to take photos of my friends and family (Nothing uber complicated or professional). I like that the Nikon D5000 also shoots HD video.

Do you have a DSLR? What is your opinion on the best kind to get (under $800)? I would totally appreciate your opinion!!


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SodaStream Fountain Jet ($100) 6/30

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June 28, 2010

I'm mad.

I'm mad. I guess I'm mad at myself. So, I just saw a picture of myself and I looked ginormous. I guess I think I'm a lot thinner than I actually am, so I'm always a bit shocked when I see pictures where I look a bit heavy. Now, I'm not horribly overweight, but I do weigh more than I probably should.
  1. I'm mad that I even have to think about losing weight. 
  2. I'm mad at the thought of having to abstain from goodies in order to loose 20 pounds. 
  3. I'm mad because some people can eat whatever they want and not have to worry about it.
  4. I'm mad that I lack the self-discipline to stick to an exercise program for more than 30 days.
  5. I'm mad that even after working out for 30 days for at least an hour a day (p90x no less), I only lost 3 lbs.
  6. I'm mad because my skin is covered in stretch marks.
  7. I'm mad because I wish my outside matched the way I feel I look on the inside. 
  8. I'm mad because I seem to take one step forward and two steps back
  9. I'm mad because I seem to always sabotage my weight loss ventures by knowingly eating things that are bad for me.
  10. I'm mad because I feel like I should be over this by now, and I'm not.


"Anatomy of the Soul" by Dr. Curt Thompson

The mind is a mysterious thing. Scientists are continuing to discover new things about the brain each day. In the book Anatomy of the Soul, psychologist Curt Thompson seeks to explain the connection between our thought patterns and our perceived relationships with God and others.

Anatomy of the Soul: Surprising Connections between Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices That Can Transform Your Life . .It was certainly and interesting read. It took me a while to get through, mainly because I wanted to make sure I was understanding his points. I definitely took away a few helpful points from the book. I learned that there is great benefit in sharing our stories, most importantly for someone to "feel" what we are feeling. I also learned that the brain often fires in patterns that are reinforced, and that we have the ability to in effect "renew" our minds by altering the way we choose to dwell and react to our own thoughts and memories. For example, if we dwell on the negative and continue to focus on the hurtful, painful memories of our lives our brains will learn that that is important to us, and will therefore make those memories the easiest to recall. I also learned that the way I react to my child will affect the way his neural pathways develop - essentially wiring him for the rest of his life . .. no pressure there. The good news is that even if I do screw up (which I inevitably will) it is possible through counsel and practice to help get the mind back on track.

There were several self-guided activities scattered throughout the book to help the reader personally apply the principles of the book. While, I'm not sure that I agree with all that Thompson said (then again I'm not an expert in neuroscience), I did feel there was enough beneficial material in the book to make reading it worthwhile.

I hope to go back and read it again when I have more time to really concentrate on everything that was said. I believe that God created the mind for purpose of knowing Him and knowing those that He has created. It is a powerful tool, that we do not totally understand yet. I'm thankful that God has made it possible to know Him through the "renewing of our mind."


I received a complimentary copy of the book to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own.

June 24, 2010

And the Winner is . . .

The winner of The Juppy Baby Walker is . . .

 #22 is petteytiffany! She says: "FOLLOW U VIA GFC"

Winner has 48 hours to respond to the winning e-mail or an alternate winner will be selected.

June 23, 2010

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June 22, 2010

Total Transformation - Week 5 Summary

Body: This was my first complete week with the Body Gospel program. I have to admit I miss P90x. I guess the intensity of it made me feel like I was really accomplishing something. I have a hard time motivating myself to put the DVD in. It's a good workout, definitely gets the heart pumping . . . but alas, I miss Tony Horton.

Mind: Still working on "Anatomy of the Soul" I have less than 100 pages left. I could have finished it this weekend, but I decided to get caught up on some blog posts instead. (I read what I write, that should count shouldn't it?)

Spirit: Oh Dave. Things aren't going so well for you at the moment. He's still being chased by a crazy king, and is currently hiding out in some caves in the wilderness. I was most challenged by the story of David cutting off a corner of Saul's robe while he was unknowingly relieving himself in David's cave hideout. Even though David's friends insisted that God had delivered Saul into David's hands to be killed, David chose not to lay a hand on God's anointed king. He trusted that God would settle the score. I have to admit, when I have the opportunity to "get even" with someone who has wronged me, I'm not sure that I always possess the spiritual maturity to choose the high road. I need to learn that God will ultimately hold everyone accountable for their actions. He doesn't need my help. Those who cause me harm will eventually answer to God, which frees me up from the poison of bitterness and revenge.

So, we're just about half-way through this journey. This week has been frustrating. I'm frustrated with myself and my inability to do the things that need to be done. It's not hard. I just don't want to do it. Seriously. The frustrating part is that I want to want to do it. I can sympathize with Paul in Romans 7:15-24.
For I do not understand what I am doing, because I do not practice what I want to do, but I do what I hate. 16 And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree with the law that it is good. 17 So now I am no longer the one doing it, but it is sin living in me. 18 For I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my flesh. For the desire to do what is good is with me, but there is no ability to do it. 19 For I do not do the good that I want to do, but I practice the evil that I do not want to do. 20 Now if I do what I do not want, I am no longer the one doing it, but it is the sin that lives in me. 21 So I discover this principle: when I want to do good, evil is with me. 22 For in my inner self  I joyfully agree with God's law.  23 But I see a different law in the parts of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and taking me prisoner to the law of sin in the parts of my body. 24 What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? 25 I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, with my mind I myself am a slave to the law of God, but with my flesh, to the law of sin.

Praise the Lord that even though I'm still trapped in this body of sin, He can still use me. Even on the days when I want to do what is right and I fail, I can rest in the assurance of His grace. I can dust myself off and begin anew with Him tomorrow. 


I just realized I forgot to announce the winner of the CEIVA Digital Frame on the blog! The winner is . . .

#171 is
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"Fights, Flights, and the Chosen Ones" MangaBible Review

I was first introduced to graphic novels when I was working in our local school district. They seem to be the latest, greatest trend in young adult literature.

Fights, Flights and the Chosen Ones: First-Second Samuel (Z Graphic Novels / Manga Bible) (v. 3)I recently had an opportunity to check out "Fights, Flights, and the Chosen Ones," which is a combination of the Biblical books 1st and 2nd Samuel. For those not familiar with graphic novels, they are essentially stories in comic book form - most have a distinctive anime style.

I enjoyed reading this book in the MangaBible series. I think the action, battles, and adventures in this particular book will appeal largely to boys. Now just so you know, this is not a "Bible." It's a retelling of the stories of the Bible in comic book form. It is, however, accurate to the Biblical narrative. The illustrations do a great job of communicating the stories.

I think a child or teen could easily sit down and read through the entire book. I love that it makes learning about the Bible new and entertaining. Even though I was already familiar with the stories, I enjoyed rediscovering them in this new format. 


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan to facilitate my review. 
I was not obligated to give a positive endorsement. The opinions expressed are my own.

June 21, 2010

Self-tanning tips from Sarah the zebra girl

I am white. Let me clarify - I am pasty white. In the summer I go from pale to red, to peeling, to pale again.  So I decided to buy some sunless tanner to help add some color to my arms and legs. So, on the morning of my birthday I decided I wanted to look my best. After my shower I applied a micro-mist sunless tanner. I thought I did a great job . . . that is until the color finally darkened four hours later. That is when I transformed into Sarah, the zebra girl.

Word of advice: Even if the packaging clearly reads "no need to rub," you should probably rub it in anyways. I have streaks all over my legs and arms. It's bad. I know zebras stripes help camouflage the animals from predators. I wonder if zebra stripes on my legs help to camouflage cellulite. 

Lesson learned. Hopefully this color will fade before the wedding I'm attending this weekend.


Powermat Review and Giveaway

I love the convenience of today's high tech gadgets. I personally own a cell phone, a nook, and an ipod. (I won both the nook and the ipod from blogs - just goes to show that entering blog contests can really pay off!). It can sometimes be a hassle to find enough outlets to charge all of my gadgets at the same time.

The Powermat allows you to charge your devices "wirelessly." Now when I first heard this claim I thought "Wow, how in the world does that work?" Well, after trying the Powermat in my own home I discovered that not all items can charge wirelessly (or at least not in the way I initially thought). Some items, like my cell phone and ipod require a dock or adapter in order to use the mat. I plug the adapter into my Samsung phone, lay the adapter on the mat, and my phone automatically begins charging. They did send me a case you can attach to an iphone that allows you to just drop your item on the mat and charge it. There are tones of receiver cases (smart phones, Nintendo DS, etc.) that allow you to simply drop them on the pad and charge away without requiring any sort of additional adapter.

Powermat PMR-AIP1 Receiver Case for iPhone 3G, 3GS (Black)

Although not completely wire-free. It does significantly reduce the number of cords I use. The result is a much neater work environment. I can also charge up to four devices (three pad stations and one usb port) while only using one outlet. This means I can charge two cell phones (mine and the husb's), my ipod, and my nook all at the same time, while only using one outlet.

To charge my iPod nano, I only had to place it in the iPod dock that was placed on the mat. The dock works for both iPods and iPhones. It retails for $39.99. It is nice and compact and easy to use. I think this is fantastic. I can seldom remember where I put the USB cord I need to charge my iPod.

The pad makes a sound, vibrates, and a light comes on to ensure the user that the item is correctly lined up to the charging station and is charging.

I also liked that the Powermat has an auto shut off. It can detect when your device's battery is full and automatically stops charging so as not to overcharge your device (which can wear down the battery life).

The Powermat Portable Mat ($99) that I tried came with a neat magnetic travel case and a large assortment of adapter tips. The Powermat can be used for Nintendo DS, ipods, sony products, a wide variety of cell phones and smart phones, and more. Their website offers a complete list of compatible products.

All in all, I was impressed by the Powermat. It really is a neat space-saving gadget. The Portable Mat folds away compactly when it is not in use. Perfect for cluttered desks and counters.
PowerMat Home and Office Charging Mat in Retail Packaging

One luck reader will win a Home and Office Powermat ($99) and three adapters!! You will love it!

Here's how to enter:

Mandatory Entry:
Visit Powermat and tell me which adapter you would pick.

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    • Charge gadgets wirelessly! #Win a Powermat ($200 ARV) from Mommy's Minute! http://bit.ly/cenXb1
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I received a complimentary Powermat and adapters to facilitate my review.
I was not obligated to give a positive endorsement.

June 19, 2010

"Laws of Illusion" - Sarah McLachlan CD Review

Sometimes I need a little bit of music to help me unwind at the end of the day. Sarah McLachlan's latest release "Laws of Illusion" is perfect chill out music. This is actually her first CD in seven years. It's hard to believe it's been that long!

I listened to the single "Loving You is Easy" a few times recently, so I was excited to listen to the whole CD.

11. U WANT ME 2

I can honestly say that I liked every song on this album. Some of my favorites include "Illusions of Bliss" and "Out of Tune."

If you want to see Sarah McLachlan in concert you can check out at an all-female musical Lilith Fair Tour in your area! The Lilith Fair Tours hosted in the 90s raised over $10 million dollars for local and national women's charities

Sarah also performs music from her latest release on Dancing with the Stars and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. If you're a Sarah McLachlan fan you can also check out her website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

"Laws of Illusion" is now my coffee shop companion (in fact I'm listening to it as I'm writing this post in a coffee shop). If you're a fan of her music I think you'll be pleased with this new album.


The One2One network provided me a copy of "Laws of Illusion" to facilitate my review. I was not obligated to give a positive review.

Happy Father's Day

Every so often my birthday falls on Father's Day, that's the case this year. So the hubby and I both get to enjoy a special day. I think that means we should eat out ALL day. Who wants to fix dinner on their special day?

I'm thankful for the fathers in my life. I'm thankful for my own dad who always did his best to provide a godly example and a solid foundation for my family when I was growing up. I'm also thankful for my husband. There are few things that make my heart more content than sitting on the couch watching my husband interact with our little boy.

I'm sure being a dad has it's own unique challenges, especially in this day and age where dads are portrayed on TV as bumbling buffoons (Family Guy, Modern Family, etc). In my opinion, there are very few positive examples of good dads in today's media. If you're aware of any feel free to let me know. Enough of my soapbox, back to the point -

I offer a heartfelt thanks. What you do as a dad is so important to our families.

Happy Father's Day!


Surf Sweet Organic Candy review

 I've got a sweet tooth. I love candy. As much as I try to resist it I can't seem to keep it out of my house. So, imagine my delight when I was contacted by Surf Sweet to review their assortment of organic candies.

Unlike many other candies on the market, Surf Sweet candies contain no high fructose corn syrup. Most candies are sweetened with either organic cane sugar syrup. They are gluten free and casein free and made in a peanut-free facility. They are also free of many common allergens including: wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, shellfish, and fish.

Most of their products are over 90% organic. They contain no artificial colors or flavors. They also offer some vegan and vegetarian options. I was able to try their Sour Berry Bears, Jelly Beans, Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms.

I love that they are made with organic fruit juice. They taste really good. . . I definitely ate them all by myself (too bad their not calorie free!!) See what I do for you guys! Ok, it wasn't a sacrifice. Mommy didn't share this time around.

If you're looking for a tasty, natural, sweet treat, check out Surf Sweet Organic Candies.


June 18, 2010

Pampered Chef Giveaway!

I have yet another addiction I need to confess here on my blog. I'm addicted to kitchen gadgets. It's bad. It started a few years ago when I started registering for wedding gifts. Before that point, I never realized so many neat gadgets were out there! Since then, I've been hooked.

In order to fuel my addiction, I've recently become a Pampered Chef independent consultant. Have no fear - I'm not going to spam you with a bunch of "hey come buy some stuff" posts, but I did want to let you know about my new business.

I'm also hosting a special giveaway to celebrate the launch of my new venture. I will be giving away a Small Batter Bowl . These glass bowls are amazing! They are dishwasher and microwave safe and come with a handy dandy lid! You will love it!


If you have any Pampered Chef related questions - feel free to e-mail me at onepamperedmommy(at)gmail.com. I also have a personal consultant website that you can order from directly. Just let me know if you're interested and I can send you the link!

CLICK HERE to enter! 
No purchasing or "signing up" required to win!

Giveaway is open to US, 18+. Contest closes on 7/15


I am an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef. I am providing this giveaway item at my own expense. If you would like information on earning some extra money or free Pampered Chef products of your own, feel free to contact me at onepamperedmommy@gmail.com

June 17, 2010

Lovable Labels BlogHer' 10 Getaway Contest - "Help Wanted":

Help Wanted:

Local individual seeks an applicant to fill the following position. This growing entity seeks a responsible individual to assist in day-to-day operations.

  • Individual will be responsible for managing and purchasing supplies on a limited budget. 
  • Strong organizational and planning abilities and effective communication skills are a must.
  • Candidate needs experience in nursing, psychology, conflict mediation, and education.
  • In addition to human resource responsibilities, individual must be prepared to fulfill rolls on an as-needed basis. This may include, but is not limited to, chauffeur, chef, tutor, accountant, coach, and fashion stylist.
  • Must be available to work nights, weekends, all holidays.
  • Must be willing to work overtime and a frequent graveyard shift.
  • Needs to work well under pressure and deadlines.

There are currently no insurance or retirement benefits. In fact, this is an unpaid, often thankless position.

Long-term benefits include:
  • A confidence in your ability to persevere in the midst of great difficulty.
  • The knowledge that you've made a significant investment in the life of another human being.
  • The love of a child. 
  • A legacy.
Thank you moms for all that you do! Studies have estimated that moms should be compensated $138,000 a year for their services. I think we're worth all that and more. I just wanted to encourage you and let you know that what you are doing is SOOOO important. On behalf of children everywhere (both young and old), thank you for your selfless service and sacrifice. It means more than you know.


This post was written as part of the Lovable Labels BlogHer '10 Getaway contest.

Giveaways ending soon!

There are a couple fantastic giveaways ending soon! Don't forget to enter for your chance to win!
The Juppy Baby Walker only has 27 entries!! Good Luck!


June 16, 2010

Total Transformation - Week 5 Summary

I promised on the front-end of this journey that I was going to be honest with you all. So here's the truth of it. . . this last week was not so bueno. Just goes to show that I, like the rest of humanity, have difficulty remaining motivated. But never fear, I'm not giving up. I'm going to dust myself off and keep pressing forward. Here's this last week in review.

Body: This my friends, is the area I struggle in the most. I worked out pretty much every day for three weeks. I then took a trip out of town to visit family and I kinda fell off the ole workout wagon. I absolutely love and adore my p90x workouts, but I'm going to have to put them on pause for the next 30 days. Here's why: The folks at BeachBody.com have sent me their latest workout DVD program called Body Gospel. They've asked me to review it and let you all know what I think. I did the first workout on Monday. I'll post a more thorough review of the program in the next few days.  So Body Gospel will be taking the place of p90x for the next 30 days. I then plan on resuming p90x and completing the program.

Mind: I'm still working my way through Anatomy of the Soul. It's just not a quick read. Anything dealing with neuroscience is bound to take me a little bit longer to work through. It's been interesting. My goal is to finish it this weekend. It's frightening to realize how my reactions, attitudes, and mannerisms have the ability to affect my child's mental well-being for the rest of his life. No pressure there.

Spirit: I'm still studying the life of David. This last week I've seen David go from the king's son-in-law to a hunted man. Sadly, Saul only allowed him marry his daughter because he thought he could use the marriage as a way to bring harm to David.  I can't begin to imagine how hard it must have been to deal with the stress and fear of having to run from your life from a mad man, because by this point that is what Saul had become - a man driven by self-obsession and paranoia. I was encouraged by the faith of Jonathan. I think this is what initially knit these two godly warriors together. They both possessed a living faith in the purpose and power of God.


June 15, 2010

Pamper your body and mind: bodycology Review and Giveaway

I'm a busy mom. Most days my hair is in a ponytail and I'm covered in splatters of baby food. I love a product that makes me feel girly, especially on days when I feel more like a milk-toting maid than the lady of the house. Bodycology offers a great line of products and fragrances to help pamper body and mind.  I recently had the opportunity to try three great items:

bodycology Body Cream, Coconut Lime, 8-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 3)
The fragrances are fantastic. My favorite has to be the Coconut Lime body cream - it's the perfect scent for summer! The cream was great for moisturizing my dry skin.

Bodycology Body Mist, White Gardenia 8 fl oz (240 ml)
The White Gardenia body mist was light and feminine - perfect for getting rid of the "I haven't had a chance to take a shower yet, and the baby is crying" aroma.
bodycology Anti-bacterial Scrubbing Hand Soap, Brown Sugar Vanilla, 8-Fluid Ounces Bottles (Pack of 4)

I have the Brown Sugar Vanilla  Antibacterial Foaming Soap by my kitchen sink. A good smelling soap always makes me feel better. I find extra excuses to wash my hands so I can enjoy the smell.

You can find bodycology products in your area by clicking here.

One lucky reader has an opportunity to win a prize from bodycology. I believe you will love their products just like I have!

Here's how to win:
Mandatory Entry:
  • Visit Bodycology and tell me which product is your favorite. 

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    • Pamper your body and mind: Bodycology giveaway! http://bit.ly/a2QoQa

Open to US, 18+ Giveaway ends July 1, 11:59 PM (MST). All winning entries WILL be verified. Make sure to activate your e-mail subscription. Winner will be selected using Random.org. Make sure to leave a valid e-mail address in your comment or have a contact e-mail visible in your profile. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to the e-mail notification or an alternate winner will be selected.  Good luck!

I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. 
I was not obligated to give a positive endorsement. The opinions expressed are my own.

June 14, 2010

Turn Tap Water into Soda! SodaStream Review and Giveaway **CLOSED**

Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker Starter Kit**CONTEST CLOSED**
I have a magical new device sitting on my kitchen counter. This contraption has the power to transform ordinary tap water into bubbly soda goodness. I have had soooooo much fun exploring all the flavors and features of the SodaStream Fountain Jet.

I have to admit I drank about six liters of soda (by myself) in the two days after the SodaStream arrived. Y'all this is just about the coolest thing ever. I'm having a Pampered Chef party at my house tomorrow night and I can't wait to show this off to all of my guests!

It's super easy to use. All you have to do is fill the supplied bottles with cold tap water. There's a fill line marked on the bottle so you can be sure that you have just the right amount of liquid.

Screw the bottle onto the fountain jet. Push the button on top until you hear a total of three loud buzzes. Push the lever and remove the bottle. (This makes a super fun "rocket ship" sound - it's my favorite part of making soda.)You then add the syrup of your choice. Shake gently to mix the soda and syrup. And "tadaa" homemade soda from the comfort of your own home.

I love that the soda syrups I tried contained no high fructose corn syrup. Most were flavored with Splenda. I love the flavored water syrups. I'm a huge fan of sparkling waters.I can make a ton of liters of sparkling water for substantially less than it would cost if I bought it in the store. As an added benefit. I can make as much as I want whenever I want.

Each bottle of syrup creates the equivalent of thirty-three cans of soda, keeping a lot of soda cans from ending up in the trash or recycling bin! You can even exchange your C02 canister for a discounted refill.

The bottles retained their fizziness even days after I initially made the soda. It is definitely comparable to the soda you can buy on the shelf at your local supermarket.

Sodastream Root Beer Flavored Soda MixIt saves money. It saves trips to the grocery store. It saves the environment from being polluted with disposable bottles and cans. Even more than that, it is soooo much fun to use. You all will just love it!

This is the coolest thing ever and you have a chance to win one for yourself! (If you can't tell, I love my SodaStream Fountain Jet).

The SodaStream Jet Retails for around $99.95. You can buy it online or find a store near you by checking out SodaStream's website.

One luck reader is going to win a complete SodaStream Jet Starter kit which includes the Fountain Jet, carbonator, and three flavored syrups.

Mandatory Entry:
Visit SodaStream and tell me what flavor you would like to try first! 

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Open to US, 18+ Giveaway ends June 30 , 11:59 PM (MST). All winning entries WILL be verified. Make sure to activate your subscription. Winner will be selected using Random.org. Make sure to leave a valid e-mail address in your comment or have a contact e-mail visible in your profile. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to the e-mail notification or an alternate winner will be selected.  Good luck!


I received a complimentary Fountain Jet and set of syrups to facilitate my review. I was not obligated to give a positive endorsement. The opinions expressed are my honest thoughts concerning the product. Blog post contains affiliate links.