June 2, 2010

Total Transformation Tuesday - Week 3 Summary

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. This last week definitely fell into the second category. I don't know what my deal was this last week, but I was no where near as disciplined as I would have liked. I ate like a linebacker just coming off of a hunger strike. I ate half of a large pizza in one sitting, gorged myself on sweets (aka a whole bag of Ghiradelli chocolates), and just in general ate like a teenage boy. Did not make good food choices this week whatsoever. Ugh.

Here's the week in review.
  • Body: I made it through 4/6 workouts this last week. Lack of sleep prevented me from working out for two days. My little boy has been teething and generally fussy. There was no physical way I could stay up till midnight exercising when I had only gotten three or four hours of sleep the night before. My motivation is waning. Combine my insane eating habits with my exercise omissions and I managed to gain a pound this last week. I'm now back up to 147. On a positive note, I have gone from 33% body fat to 30%. Here's hoping this next week goes better. I'm on vacation at my parent's house, and so that creates a few exercise challenges, but I'm trying to find ways here and there to remain active.
  • Mind: I'm currently reading Anatomy of the Soul. It explores the connection between Christian Spirituality and current research on Neuroscience. It has been very interesting. The author believes that we as human beings have a deep need to "be known." He's not speaking of a superficial head knowledge of an individual, but a sharing of vulnerabilities and intimate knowledge with another human being. He goes on to explain how connecting with another person on this level actually has the power to change the way your brain works. I'm about a quarter of the way through. 
  • Spirit: Young David has just killed Goliath and is now dealing with the wrath of a jealous king. I was encouraged by the story of Jonathan. Scripture says that Jonathan saw David and his heart was knit to him. What a neat way to explain the bond between friends. I'm so thankful for those people in my life that I feel "knit" to. I've also been impressed by Jonathan's faith. Even though his father often lacked the faith to look beyond himself, Jonathan seems to me to be a young man of sincere faith and deep conviction. I pray that one day my son will be that kind of man. 
It was a good week. I definitely fell short in some areas. It's so tempting to just give up and quit. Now it's a new week and a new day. Bring it on.



  1. Good for you, setting these self-improvement goals!

    I'm your newest follower!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing. Sometimes we take two steps forward and then another step back. It is hard to maintain the focus and discipline when you have a young child whose needs come first. But I think you are doing such a great job and already you are seeing some progress. You are challenging yourself and that brings forth personal growth! Keep going! :)


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