June 8, 2010

Total Transformation Tuesday - Week 4 Summary

The first thirty days of my 90 day challenge have just about wrapped up. I started off with a bang, but now I've settled on a sizzle. This last week presented unique challenges.

Body: I didn't do any of my p90x videos this last week. It was my recovery week in the series, so I was supposed to be doing a lot of stretching and yoga stuff.  I was out of town visiting family for my brother's high school graduation and I didn't bring my weights or stuff with me. I did go to the gym with my dad and took a BodyPump class (that is a serious workout). I also pushed a stroller for a few hours in 95 degree heat while we walked around the zoo. So although, I didn't do a lot of formal exercising, I did have some physical activity during the week. Not fantastic though. The scale hasn't budged, but I think that's primarily due to the fact that I have been eating tons of unhealthy foods and sodas. It's a little bit of food rebellion. I know that what I'm going to eat is bad for me, but I willingly and knowingly choose to eat large quantities of it.

Mind: In keeping with the "I didn't do anything" theme. I also did not read my books this last week. I brought it with me, but I never opened it once. I will hopefully be wrapping the book up this next week.

Spirit: My 90 day book on the life of David is HUGE and HEAVY, therefore it did not make it into the suitcase. I plan on doubling up this next week so that I can get caught up and finished on time.

Summary: This last week I chose to spend my time with my family. I don't get to see them as often as I like, so I wanted to take advantage of the time I have with them. This meant that I took a brief hiatus from my Total Transformation regimen. But never fear, it's a new week and it's time to get back to business.

On a fun note - the folks at BeachBody have asked me to review their latest workout dvd program called Body Gospel. It's a perfect fit with my Total Transformation Tuesday program. It should be arriving this next week and will most likely be replacing P90x for the time being (I do plan on eventually resuming P90x at the conclusion of the Body Gospel program). I will also be giving away a copy of the Body Gospel program in the coming weeks!!

Thanks for following my journey. Your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. Many days I have no motivation. Thanks for keeping me accountable.

Here's wishing you joy on the journey,


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