May 3, 2010

Mark your calendars ...Blogmania part 2 - Sept 15-16

I hope you had as much fun as I did participating in Blogmania on April 30th. I know I found a lot of great new blogs and I even won a little something myself. Perhaps you weren't so lucky this go round . . .well, you're in luck. There will be another Blogmania extravaganza on Sept. 15-16.

We have heard your complaints/suggestions and are making a few changes as to how the event will take place.

#1: Prizes will be worth at least $100 (sounds pretty good, huh)
#2: There will be no complicated hoops to jump through to earn an entry.
#3: No adult content/erotica.
#4: All blogmania entries will start at 12:00 Eastern time and will end on Eastern time.
#5: All giveaways will clearly state whether they are open to US, Canada, or International on the master list.

I'm very excited by the changes that are taking place, and YES, Mommy's Minute will be one of the limited 175 blogs participating. So stay tuned! I'm on the hunt for some amazing sponsors for this giveaway! What type of prizes would you love to see?



  1. That is great! Looking forward to it :O)

  2. I participated in BlogMania and I like the new changes! I happend to win a prize this last time so we'll see! Can't wait til Sept!


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