May 21, 2010

"Live Like You Mean It" by TJ Addington - Book Review

What is your life's purpose? What are your goals, dreams, and ambitions? What were you put on this earth to do? In the book Live Like You Mean It, T.J. Addington guides the reader through ten crucial questions that will enable an individual to "clarify your purpose, live intentionally, and make the most of the rest of your life."

Live Like You Mean It: The 10 Crucial Questions That Will Help You Clarify Your Purpose / Live Intentionally / Make the Most of the Rest of Your Life
This book appealed to me as a young mom. So many of my days are spent in survival mode. I don't often take the time to think deeply about my dreams and personal development. Addington emphasizes the importance of thinking through some basic questions in order to better understand who you are and who you could be.

Here are the questions he works through in the book:
  1. Why Am I Here: Pinpointing Your Purpose
  2. What Is My Sweet Spot: Understanding How You're Wired
  3. What Will I Leave Behind? Looking Toward Your Legacy
  4. What Really Matters? Establishing Clear Priorities
  5. What is my Plan? Determining Effective Ways to Grow and Develop
  6. How do I Best Recharge? Recognizing the Rewards of Refreshment
  7. How Can My Life Have a Ripple Effect? Initiating Ways to Influence and Inspire Others
  8. How Do I Relate to God? Deepening Your Spiritual Connection
  9. Will I Say Yes to God? Responding to the Creator's Call in Good Times and Bad
  10. What Shall I do Next? Creating a Plan for the Years Ahead
A near-fatal health crisis prompted Addington to re-evaluate his life and write this book. Hopefully the rest of us can learn from these lessons. I found the chapter "What is my Plan" and "What Shall I do Next" to be the most helpful for me. He gives some practical steps for determining your top priorities and incorporating them in your schedule. I love that he encourages us to each have some "margin" in our calendars. The temptation is to cram everything possible into every day. His advice is to allow for some free time. This gives us flexibility should something new come up and it prevents us from burn-out.

I enjoyed reading the book and found it to be helpful. Now I just need to make the time to write out my goals, priorities, and schedule! The biggest takeaway message of Live Like You Mean It is to live intentionally. A life of purpose will not happen by accident, it happens by intention. Decide where you want to go and take small practical steps to get there.


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