May 26, 2010

Total Transformation Tuesday - Week Two Summary

I guess today's post should be entitled "Tardy Tuesday" seeing as how it's now Wednesday. Yesterday was just a bit crazy. My sweet little boy has been teething. Yesterday I got a grand total of 3.5 hours of sleep. Needless to say, anything I would have posted on Tuesday would have been the ramblings of a mom zombie. I'm sad to admit I didn't even work out yesterday. I intended to. I was sitting on the couch last night reading a book and I fell asleep. My husband woke me up and I went straight to bed. So . . . there was no workout and no post.

But now, eight hours of sleep later, I am finally cognizant enough to recap my last week. It was a good one, but a tough one.

Body: Oh, P90x, you and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that I'm finally starting to see results. I feel like a little kid checking out my muscles in the mirror. Now, they're still baby muscles, but they're starting to show up - especially in my arms . . . I knew there was a reason for all of those push-ups. And, I'm pleased to announce I have lost 1.6 lbs. That feels much better than the ZERO I lost last week. I still find it so hard to be motivated to work out. Most nights I'm not done exercising till 11 PM. I wish there was a way to cram that whole work-out into a 20 minute session. I'm thankful that my online postings and friends help keep me accountable, or else most days I don't know that I would work out.

Mind: Last week I finished Live Like You Mean It and 5 Ministry Killers and How to Defeat Them. Both were good books and challenging in different ways. I've posted my reviews of the books on this blog. I'm now reading The Anatomy of the Soul. It's written by psychiatrist Dr. Curt Thompson. It explores the connection between new findings in Neuroscience and Christian spirituality. It's one of those "make you think" kind of books so it's taking me a little bit longer to read through it. It definitely sounds interesting, but I'm only on chapter two.  

Spirit: We're still journeying through the life of David. Last night he faced Goliath. I've learned a lot about the life of King Saul, his predecessor. That guy was plagued by insecurity and an obsession about what others thought about him. His life is a living testimony about how a quest to be great in the eyes of man can result in an obsession-fueled downward spiral. The verse that stood out the most to me was 1 Samuel 15: 23 "Rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry." Here's how Beth Moore describes this verse:
 "The comparison seems puzzling until we consider that rebellion is a means by which we attempt to set the course of our futures, We try to choose our own futures by our independent actions. Divination attempts to foretell or sway the future. In the same verse, God likens arrogance to the evil of idolatry. When we are arrogant, who becomes God in our lives?" 
Ouch. That hits a little close to home. I'm definitely guilty of attempting to set the course for my future and THEN asking God to bless what I've already planned to do. Instead, I should first find out what God asks of me and then make sure my plans are in line with His. Making ourselves the center of the universe, is essentially the same thing as making ourselves into an idol - something we worship and serve, but has no power to save or bring about change.

So . . . that's my week in review. I managed to get all six of my workouts in last week. This week is not off to as good of a start. I missed my very first workout yesterday, but I'm confident that there was no physical way I could have done it, and this mission is about over-all health, not die-hard dedication to a workout regimen. One of my college professors always said that "Sleep is spiritual." Resting is an essential part of a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Maybe my next 90 day challenge can involve sleeping . . . . mmmm, I could definitely be committed to that one - if  only my son would take the challenge with me.



  1. WOW...great post! Congratulations on your weight loss and starting to see results! That's great!
    That last thing you said really hit home for me too. When I try to control my life and live the way I want, ignoring God's voice, I am making myself my own idol! Scary! Never thought of it like that. Thank you :)

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