May 24, 2010

What's my motivation . . .

I don't like being confined to a schedule. It makes me feel trapped, but I've discovered lately that I need one or else nothing ever gets done. I'm a perpetual procrastinator, despite my efforts to change. That my friends, is why I have four pans piled by my sink and a load of laundry in my washing machine from yesterday.

It's not that I don't want things to be done. It's not that I don't know how to do them. It's just that I have utterly no motivation, and I don't always use my time well. I guess I feel like I'm entitled to unlimited "me" time to the detriment of my housework. Facebook and e-mail seems monumentally more interesting than scrubbing a toilet or cleaning a diaper pail. I guess I need to put into practice the traits I want my children to have one day - work before play.

So blogging buddies, I'm off to wash dishes, mop the floors, and clean the toilets before my son wakes up in twenty minutes. Maybe one day I'll get caught up on all my housework and I can kick my feet up and relax. Too bad they haven't perfected those cleaning robots from the Jetsons. I think that would be worth every penny!


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  1. I know, it is definitely hard to get motivated as far and clean up goes. For me, there are always many better things that I could be doing!


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