April 27, 2010

All I want for Mother's Day is an iPad . . . Ok, I'm dreaming

I’m participating in a contest at Best Kids Apps, a blog about iPhone apps for kids, for a chance to win an iPad.

I've seen iPads all over the internet and television, but for now, their price tag keeps them out of reach. I love the idea of having hundred of apps at my fingertips, especially apps that will help entertain my son! It took me about five years to jump on the iPod bandwaggon, and I absolutely love it. Maybe in about five years the price will go down on iPad as well (of course by then there will probably be futuristic hologram pads or something snazzy like that).

Do you have an iPad or iPhone? What is your favorite app or feature?



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  3. I want to have iPad too but i don't have money yet to buy one..


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