April 6, 2010

Safety Innovations Review and Promotional Code

My son is drawn like a magnet to electrical cords and outlets, so I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to review an electrical outlet sliding safety plate from Safety Innovations and Safe Beginnings.

Unlike outlet caps, which slip into the socket and are then removed to gain access to the socket, this sliding safety plate cannot be removed by the child (unless of course your ten-month-old is handy with a screwdriver - if so, you need to book him on a TV show). As an added benefit you don't have to keep up with missing or misplaced caps. With my current case of "mommy brain," one less thing to remember is just the ticket! The installation is easy.

  • Step One: Turn off the power to the outlet. This can easily be done by turning the circuit breaker off or removing the fuse.
  • Step Two: Use a screw driver to remove the screw holding your current outlet cover in place.
  • Step Three: Line up the Safety Innovations cover so that it lines up with the screw hole.
  • Step Four: Tighten the screw so that the cover is held in place. Be careful not to tighten the screw too much as it may inhibit the cover from working properly.
In less than five minutes your new outlet cover is in place and you have made your home a safer place for baby. This cover automatically covers the holes to the socket to prevent your child from sticking fingers or objects inside. If you need to plug something in you only need to slide and hold the socket cover to the side to reveal the holes. The cover automatically returns to the closed position once the electrical cord is removed.

I think this is a fantastic product and much more convenient for my family than the outlet cap method. Feel free to check out Safety Innovations and their parent company Safe Beginnings for other fantastic tools for protecting your little ones at home and on the go. 

Safety Innovations and Safe Beginnings has generously offered my readers a 10% discount when they order online or by phone. Just enter the code "BLOG" on the left hand side of the home page, at check out, or on the phone when ordering. 

Safe Beginnings has several really neat tools to help identify your safety needs. Take a moment and check out their home safety survey by clicking here.

About Safety Innovations
Here is some great information they shared with me about their company:
Safety Innovations is a division of Safe Beginnings, Inc. At Safety Innovations, we designs our products for use by safety professionals. This means that they are designed with high quality and the utmost attention to minor details in order to obtain positive results. We are concerned with safety, solutions, quality and results before we even start talking about cost. Most manufacturers set a price point before they even know what has to be done in order to prevent future accident and injury, this is not the way we work.

There are two main methods we use to design products. One is to redesign old products that are no longer on the market and the other is to create a completely unique product. Many of the products we manufacture, were once made by someone else and have since disappeared from the market because they were not profitable enough for mass retailers to sell.

Safety Innovations resurrected some of these quality products and brought them up to date. In the case of the sliding outlet cover, twenty years ago a man in South Dakota invented a similar plate to keep the drafts out of his house. This plate soon became one of the best selling safety products on the market. When the patent was up, we made a “wish list” of changes we wanted to see made to the cover, which included color options, larger plate size, and more spring pressure to improve the automatic closing of the outlet cover doors. We figured out how we could do all of these things and made it happen in order to provide our customers with a superior product.

Other products such as the gate mount kits, we design from scratch. With these products, once we see a need, we design a solution then figure out how it is going to cost to manufacture the product. At Safety Innovations, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality, most effective safety products in the market to date.

Happy Baby-proofing!
What tips do YOU have for making your home safe for your little one? 
I'd love for you to share your ideas with us here at Mommy's Minute!

I received a free outlet cover from Safe Beginnings to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own. 
The photo of the outlet cover is taken from the Safe Beginnings website.


  1. This looks really nice. I don't have babies anymore but could have used this when my kids were little because they all figured out the different baby locks.


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