April 14, 2013

Food for thought: Change

I'm reading through a book on integrative wellness (a new interest of mine) and I came across this quote: "Change happens when the discomfort of the familiar outweighs the fear of the unknown." Although this book deals primarily with health related changes and issues, I thought that this quote is very true for a large variety of situations. 

Change doesn't come easily for most of us, the fear of the unknown, and potential failure, can be unnerving. Until we get uncomfortable with our current situation, we're probably not going to change. 

What is one personal thing that you would like to change? 
Are you at that place where your discomfort with the status quo motivates you to face your fears of the unknown? 



  1. I like this quote! I think this applied to when I left corporate world a couple of years ago :)

  2. Change is never easy however once you do it you life gets much better.


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