September 7, 2010

The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews

The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters"Every single thing you do matters." That's the message of Andy Andrew's latest release The Butterfly Effect. I remember hearing about the Butterfly Effect in one of my liberal arts classes in college. The thesis by Edward Lorenz proposes that a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the globe could cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet. In essence, even the smallest movement can have significant implications.

This small 109 page book from Andrews applies the butterfly effect to human history. Using the story of Union soldier Joshua Chamberlain, Andrews demonstrates that human beings have the ability to have a ripple effect on future generations. If you're still living, you still have a purpose for being on earth.

Those who have read Andrew's book for Children, The Boy Who Changed the World,  will also recognize the name of Norman Bourlag, who invented a grain that has been used to save the lives of millions who would have otherwise starved. We may not have supernatural gifts or abilities, but we do have the ability to influence and impact those around us. We may never live to see the impact of our legacy, but it will still carry on.

It is a quick and easy read, and like most of Andrews works, it is inspirational in nature. Although the butterfly effect premise could easily taken to the extreme (What if I was supposed to choose Turkey instead of Roast Beef today?), the message is true and good. We are on earth for a reason. God has a plan and purpose for our lives. We didn't get here by accident. Ordinary people can have an extraordinary impact. In fact, they might even change the world.


I received a complimentary copy of the e-book from Booksneeze to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own honest thoughts of the product.

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