July 22, 2010

Playing with the Toilet Brush

My little boy follows me everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE -including the bathroom. While in this porcelain palace, he inevitably finds something dirty and disgusting that he wants to put in his mouth. Today's disgusting find: the toilet brush. Now before you think I'm some horrible mother, I never let him play with these things. The second he heads that direction I pick him up, relocate him, and try to distract him with more sanitary play choices. He always gets mad. After all, how dare I take away the one thing he wants to play with.

That got me to thinking. I treat God the same way sometimes. He points out an area of my life, which to be completely honest can be just as disgusting as that toilet brush, and He says I'm not to play with it any more. I often react in the same way my son does.

"But God, it looks like fun! Don't you see the bright colors and interesting textures. See how it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand."

But what I can't see are the hidden dangers. The germs and bacteria that can work their way in and make me sick. God, like any good parent, doesn't want his child playing with things that can harm them. The problem is that most of the time we "adults" are unable to see the danger. Instead, we get upset that God wants to take away our toilet brush.

But I'm learning that it's always for our good. There are always other, more sanitary choices. God is not a cosmic killjoy. If He tells us not to do something or convicts us when we do wrong, it's not so we can wallow in guilt and shame. It's so we can learn. So that we can be safe from unseen dangers that can harm us.

So, today I am going to put down the ole toilet brush (which in these last weeks has included having a rotten attitude and using my time very poorly). But, like my son, I'm sure I will see their allure tomorrow. Thankfully, my Father will be right there waiting to point me in the right direction.


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  1. this was a wonderful post and what a great way to think of it. After all, God is our heavenly father. So he is parenting us like we parent our kids, and we know how hard that is.


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