July 5, 2010

I need some blogger intervention

I am a notorious "do-it-yourself" type of girl, but this tech stuff is giving me a serious headache. Here's my goal: Switch from Blogger to Wordpress and then point to my new domain which is hosted by Fat Cow.

I have tried unsuccessfully for hours. I have a headache. I'm just about ready to quit, but I've already bought my web hosting package and domain name. Can anyone help me? I know how to export my blogger blog to wordpress. I'm having the most trouble linking up my wordpress blog with my domain hosting whatchamacalit.

Does anyone have a helpful tutorial for making this process easier. I'm already in over my head. I think I could happily go a week without reading one more line about DNS name servers and FTP what not.

Brain meltdown eminent.



  1. First things first. Are you on Wordpress.com or the self-hosted Wordpress.org. I'm going to assume Wordpress.org since you've mentioned having a hosting package. If it's a wordpress.com, though, you'll have to pay like $10/mo to redirect to your domain. But, for wordpress.org it's free. All you have to do is download the Wordpress.org software and install it on your domain (most hosts have a one-click install process).

    Personally, I didn't have the patience to mess with it so I hired Japster (http://www.etsy.com/shop/japster) to do it for me. He only charged $25 and got it all done and set up quickly.

  2. Gosh, for $25 I think it's worth it! I'll have to look into it. Thanks Lindsay!


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