July 5, 2010

My Life as a Roman Candle

My husband and I sat out on the front yard last night and watched a bunch of young guys shoot off fireworks in the field across from our home. It was quite the show. Half the time they were trying to shoot each other with the fireworks (I'm sure their mothers would be quite proud), but in the midst of the booms and grandeur I had an epiphany.

I realized that I am a lot like a Roman Candle.

I'm all fire and energy, a vast array of different colors streaking across the sky in a blaze of glory, but before long I burn out, and you are left with an empty vessel. I quickly jump from project to project my own little balls of light, always excited about the next "thing," but instead of focusing my energy on one grand multi-colored display, I quickly pop and move on to something different.

I wish I was more like the wick of a candle. A slow, steady burn that provides light and fragrance to a room. I'm working on it. I've made it a goal to see things through to completion before I jump off to start on my next great idea/job/project.

I'm sure Roman Candles have a purpose. They can be beautiful. They can be entertaining. Here's praying this Roman Candle can help light up the night.


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  1. I have this problem too! Good luck turning into a wick. ;-)


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