July 16, 2010

Boon Flo - Review

My son loves bath time and so I was excited to try the Flo water deflector and protective faucet cover from Boon. The Flo creates a gentle flow of water, much like a waterfall, perfect for rinsing soapy little heads and bodies. I also love that it protects kids from bumping or scratching their heads on the metal faucet, while still allowing access to the shower diverter.

Boon Flo
The Flo also features a bubble bath dispenser. Parents can fill up the reservoir with bubble bath and a child can push a button to dispense the bubble bath into the stream of water. It's not intended to store bubble bath, so only put in the amount you expect your child to use for that one bath.

The Flo was super easy to install. You simply slip the cover over your faucet, making sure the front of the faucet lines up with the little flap underneath. It fits standard size faucets. There is even a cutout on top to allow for the shower pull nob.  

I give it 4/5. The only thing I disliked about it was that it was very easy to remove (this can be a pro if you need to take it off on a regular basis). It definitely won't fall off. It just takes a simple tug to remove it - something my little boy could do without much trouble.

All in all, I think it's a great bath time accessory. It helps keep little heads safe from bumps, makes it easier to rinse hair, and I love the bubble bath feature.

The Flo retails for $14.99.  

Boon products are available at a variety of stores including Babies R' Us, Target, and Amazon.

Want to learn more about Boon's great products? You can check out their Boon News blog, Twitter, and Facebook fan page.


I received a complimentary sample from Boon to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my honest thoughts of the product.

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