August 11, 2012

We're Better Together

I sink down onto my living room couch surrounded by seemingly endless mounds of laundry.  Cheerios are ground into my carpet. "Bob the Builder" plays on Netflix for the fourth time this morning. There is not another toilet-trained human being in sight. This is my life. This is my current season. I'm the mother of two preschoolers. I'm exhausted.

When I'm home, it's easy to think that I'm the only one who feels like an inadequate mother, who knows that my housekeeping has not quite obtained June Cleaver status, who honestly would rather eat a donut than run a mile at the gym. But I've learned that I'm not alone. We're all in this together and it's that togetherness that makes the unending days of laundry and diapers bearable.

We were created for community, especially during the difficult days of early motherhood. There is truly no other time in life where we are more exhausted, more vulnerable, and more in need of a friend to come alongside us and help us carry the load - even if it's nothing more than saying "Hey, it's OK, I haven't taken a shower today either."

Sweet mom, you're not in this alone. We've been there too. Not one of us is perfect. Our children are not perfect. Our husbands are not perfect. We are a beautiful mess, but ya know what? God is pleased when we come before Him in all of our messiness and say "I may not be perfect, but You are - and that is more than enough."

God loves using imperfect people. The Bible is full of examples of flawed, imperfect people who were used by God simply because they were available and willing. Moses stuttered and had a bit of a temper. Abraham lied on more than one occassion because he was scared. Rachel and Leah battled insecurity and jealousy. Naomi struggled with bitterness.

The only perfect person in the Bible was Jesus. Even the disciples who hung out with him for three years still managed to mess up on more than one occasion. That is encouraging to me. I don't have to be perfect for God to love me. I don't even have to be perfect for God to use me. I just have to be willing and ready. To be obedient to His voice when I sense His leading.

I'm typing this post from a cozy hotel room in a glorious resort BY MYSELF. Pre-kiddo days,  I would have thought "Why would anyone want to go somewhere without their family?" Two kids later and I'm basking in the unknown glory of an uninterrupted shower. My kids are tucked in safe and sound at Grandma and Papi's house. My husband is back in New Mexico holding down the fort while I am in Dallas for the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) conference surrounded by 2,000 of the most incredible women you'll ever meet.

It has been such an encouragement to be here at the MOPS convention. I've been surrounded by so many amazing moms who understand my stage of life and this season of mothering. I've listened to encouraging speakers who have reminded me that even from my tiny living room, surrounded by toddler chaos, I can still impact the world.

From my cluttered couch it's hard to see the big picture. Sometimes I forget that I'm not alone in my fight against laundry and in my crusade against crushed cheerios. I'm not the only woman struggling to know how to blend who I am as a woman with who I am as a mother. We're in this together and we're better together.


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  1. Enjoyed your post!

    So glad we met at the MOPS convention, Sarah. What a welcome respite! Hope your return home has been pleasant. I have plenty of blog questions I think you can answer : ) but I'll save it for another time.



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