May 11, 2012

Running to Texas - Week 2.5 update

Sorry for the tardy post. I was able to spend a few days visiting with my mom and dad and we also celebrated my youngest son's first birthday! Hard to believe he's already one!!

Here's an update on where I am on my quest to run/walk/bike the distance from NM to the MOPS International Convention in Grapevine, Texas. You can check out my first post for more information about my journey and why I love MOPS.

*Sunday 4/29 - Ran 4.5 miles.
*Monday 4/30- Walked 3.375 miles
*Tuesday 5/1 - Ran 3 miles, biked 7.15 miles
*Wednesday-5/2 rest
*Thursday - 5/3 walked 1 mile
*Friday- 5/4 Biked 15 miles
*Saturday- 5/5 Biked 3 miles

Week 2 total: 37.025 miles

*Sunday - 5/6 rest
*Monday - 5/7 walked 1 mile
*Tuesday - 5/8 Ran 5 miles
*Wednesday 5/9 rest

First 1/2 of Week 3 total: 6 miles

Where am I now?
Week 1: 14.05 miles
Week 2: 37.025 miles
Week 3: 6 miles (so far)

A big Hurray for Jodi F. who "ran" alongside me for 20 miles this week! Thanks so much Jodi. 

Grand total: 57.075 miles / 411 miles

Fundraising Goal: $20 / $500

Our MOPS group is holding a silent auction on Tuesday 5/15, so I'm hoping we'll be able to raise some more funds to help cover the expenses.

Here's where I am right now on the map:

This week I ran through the towns of Muleshoe and Sudan.

My goal for the rest of week three is to pass the town of Littlefield and HOPEFULLY get close to Anton (about 20 miles).

This map shows the distance I still need to travel (the part highlighted in pink shows how far I've traveled so far)

If you'd like to make a donation it'd be super, duper, uber appreciated. Seriously, even a dollar or two helps. Thanks for running alongside me!


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