September 23, 2013

Sparky's Birthday Surprise - A Fun, Free App to Teach Fire Safety

Learning fire safety is an important lesson for children of all ages, but how do you communicate this information to young kiddos in a way that they will remember it? The answer: You make it fun!

The new app, "Sparky's Birthday Surprise" is full of fun games and activities to help teach important information like what to do if the fire alarm sounds, how to safely exit the house, and how to meet up with family at a designated place.

Of course, we hope our kids never need to apply this information, but it's super important that they be informed on how to stay safe in a dangerous situation.

My four-year-old loved playing with this app. His favorite part was helping Sparky put on his fire hat and jacket. There are several different options of play: read to me, read and play, and just a book. This is a perfect for kids of various skill levels (it's geared toward children between 2-6) There's also a fun music video, games, and a coloring sheet.

As a mom, I loved that not only was my child learning important fire safety tips, but he was also was able to work on his basic reading skills (in the interactive mode, touching the word will also read it out loud).

The animation was bright and colorful, and the narration was very well done. All in all it was a fun and educational app! It's one of my kids new favorites.

The app is available for both Apple and Android devices. You can download a copy of the App here

**If you're a teacher or homeschool parent, there are a ton of great teaching materials to coordinate with the information (interactive whiteboard lessons, printable worksheets, and discussion questions). You can check out the additional resources here.

I was provided access to the app free of charge (Of course, it's free for everyone to download as of the writing of this post). :-)

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