August 24, 2011

A Different Kind of Good

Every so often I go through college withdrawals. College was a good time. Friends lived literally just around the corner. There was freedom, there was fun, without all the full responsibilities of adulthood (mortgages, insurance, bills, bills, and more bills).

Of course while in college, I couldn't help but look forward to the "next" phase of life. Marriage, a family. No tests. No papers. Surely, that would beat the endless schedule of exams and lectures.

No stage of life is perfect. If I'm constantly looking ahead or behind, I'm bound to be disappointed with the present. As I type I have a two-year-old coloring at my feet and a sleeping baby on my chest. This is good. It may not be the same as 2 AM runs to Wal-mart with the girls, or outdoor concerts and activities on a college campus, but it is a time that I know I'll look back on and miss.

I've always been tempted to look back and say "those were the best days." Or anticipate the future (when kiddos will be out of diapers and old enough to take on responsibilities on their own) and think "I can't wait for that day to get here."

I know one day I'll miss rocking my babies, just like I miss things from different phases of my life. So, I should thoroughly enjoy this day, because it won't last forever.

I'm thankful that God doesn't leave us in the same place. We'd take it for granted. I'm grateful for the past, enjoying the present, and looking forward to the future. They are all a different kind of good.


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  1. I've felt that way about each stage of Jake, just getting him around to places. When he was a baby, I was ready to be able to hold him sitting up instead of lying down. Then I was ready for him to crawl, then walk. Then I was ready for him to be able to walk next to me into buildings. Now I'm ready for him to be able to walk beside me without having to hold his hand to keep him from running off. :)


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