November 9, 2010

Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

I love having a kid. I'll admit it has it's challenges, but it is also one of life's sweetest blessings. I have hundreds . . . no, thousands of pictures of my little man, and the holidays are the perfect time for sharing them with family and friends. Shutterfly's holiday collection offers HUNDREDS of photo card options to fit all of your family's needs. There are so many neat cards to choose from, it was hard to pick my favorites.
I love their religious collection. After all, that's what Christmas truly is about - the birth of Christ.

They also have a great assortment of customizable family cards. I love the wide variety of layouts and colors. You really can tailor the cards to fit your family's needs. I think this is the layout I will be using for this year's holiday card. I love the family monogram and the ability to add TONS of photos, now I just have to limit to my top six. That is going to take some time . . .

Are you hosting a holiday shindig? You can even create custom invitations online and wow your guests before they even show up at the door. I think this is such a neat idea.

If you are looking for a great way to share your family's holiday joy, check out the selections at Shutterfly.

Want to hear some great news? If you're a blogger, Shutterfly is offering you 50 free cards for spreading the word about their products. Follow the link for more info.


I will be receiving 50 free photo cards for sharing about Shutterfly's new holiday collection.

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